Carls Large Rocks and Minerals

Selling my 15 yr. Collection of Large, Quality Rocks/Minerals (ONLINE Only) @ Lower Prices than most Websites - ALL Pictures are the Actual Rocks & Minerals FOR SALE.


               Welcome to Carls LARGE Rocks and Minerals

I Specialize/Sell LARGE-Cabinet-Size Display Minerals on this Website!

You can get 15% or 20OFF

                                            when Ordering from both Websites:

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                                                           in the same day.


                                     Use Discount Code: 15Special or 20Special 

                                                           (on each website)

                                           if your Order Total exceeds $500 or $1000 

                                                    with both Sites combined!

And, if you’re ordering from your SmartPhone,Ipad or Tablet & it is too hard to Enter the codes in both sites - Go ahead and Order with NO Discount Code, and I Will Refund the appropiate Discount to your CC account immediately! NO problem!

————————————————————————————  ———-ALL of my Rocks/Minerals are sold AS IS. It is up to the Buyer to determine the value & originality of the rocks & minerals they purchase.

I collected pieces only because I really liked them; not because of their geology/or origin.————————————————————————————————-

14 Day Return privilege  ONLY if the mineral is the wrong one sent by mistake, or damaged in transit. 

Large pieces like these are NOT common; they're ALL great pieces! They’re much more valuable than the smaller 2" to 5" pieces you SEE on most other sites.


Since the object here is to SELL my 15-yr. collection, I often send out Heads-Up emails whenever I put new pieces on the Website! (Which is almost everyday.) I hope it doesn’t upset anyone on my mailing List, but I want to keep the focus on my website. Also, each time I send a mialing, I usually get at least 3 or 4 Orders, which I really appreciate.

IF you wish to be removed from my mailing List, just reply with the word REMOVE in the subject line.


I take/like PAYPAL.  Please email ( or call me (301- 325-2313) with your Order, and I'll send you a Paypal Invoice w/applicable Discount included.  (Only takes about 10 mins.)

PLEASE do NOT ask me to sell you the entire collection!!  It is wayyyyy too big (over 800) for that.

For the SIZE and QUALITY of these Rocks and Minerals - most other websites charge 2 or 3 times my Price!

On the 2nd Check-Out-Page at the upper-right corner you will SEE where to ENTER the Promo Code.

Pieces put in your Shopping Cart can Still be bought by other buyers until you pay for them!

I normally use Insured Priority Mail Flat-Rate boxes (ETA: 2 to 3 Days), to receive your Order. 


Please be SURE to SEE both "Large Rocks & Minerals Page #1 AND Page #2" at the very TOP of each webpage!

As I've gotten older, I realize it's time to let them go......

I open my storage boxes Often; whenever I need more rocks/minerals on the webpages.  I have NO way of knowing what's in the boxes until I open them; as I never marked them when I packed them away. (I never thought I was going to SELL them at the time). 

So, please don't ask me how many of this or that mineral I have left to sell.  I don't know.

Please Notice the SIZE & QUALITY of my Rocks & Minerals, when comparing them to Other Websites! - - My NEW Listings are Placed through-out the Website in no Specific order.

  Also, these are mostly rocks/minerals I collected from many Sellers online and from rock shows, etc.  I have NO way of knowing if any have been altered or enhanced by the Sellers that I bought them from at the time; as I was never into the geology of the rocks/minerals.  

I was a maniac-collector; and often got on to one type of mineral and would stay collecting it for a month or so (until I'd get fixated on another type).

I often REPLACE sold minerals with another of the same type - usually right away, and it sometimes makes people think it is still the Sold one.  Sometimes, I will write NEW on it.

I only Sell Online.  ALL of my rocks/minerals will have Labels....

OTHER websites are different - they have wholesalers supplying them, and they List hundreds of smaller pieces on their sites with a few Large pieces thrown in there somewhere!

Please consider each mineral individually, otherwise  the website may be a little overwhelming.

Please Look at each of the 4 or 5 Views; for each Mineral, as the 1st picture is not always the Best view.

Also, please LOOK at ALL the wonderful minerals on the site again (NOT just the newly Listed ones), as they are ALL great pieces at Great prices!  Please Click on Pictures to SEE 4 or 5 more Views, then Hit Back-Button to return to scroll-page!

I do Not BUY or Identify rocks/minerals!  

 Thanks, Carl


If you'd like to pay with Paypal.... Email:  for a Paypal Invoice, since the Shopping Cart on each Website Page does not support Paypal.